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Wholesale Wristbands

Are you affiliated with a sports team or athletic counsel? Wholesale wristbands could be perfect for your event. Wholesale products these days are kind of one in the same. The big difference between most wholesale normal items, is the fact that sweat wristbands are easy to customize with an embroidered design. They are used for sports like basketball and soccer. Many of your favorite athletes wear them every time they play. Of course sports wristbands can also be bought in singles, but if you have a lot of people, it is recommended that you go for the bulk prices at 100 or more wristbands.

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The Bulk Wholesale Revolution

The bulk wholesale revolution is really all around us. Whether we realize it or not, we all have t-shirts, key chains, silicone wristbands, and many other products that someone originally purchased wholesale. The impact they have had on ecommerce and retail locations has been truly significant. Instead of going with a company based on which products they have, which used to be the old model, now people are realizing that they can choose places to shop based on good service.

So, if you are a business owner should you be taking that into account? You bet you should! If you are selling wholesale products for retail there is a very good chance that many other retailers are carrying your products as well. You need to focus on the placement of your bulk wholesale items, but also on your customer service. With the right products, placement, and customer service the bulk wholesale revolution can easily be won. If you are missing one of the three then it is most likely – game over.


The products you choose should be based on very high quality standards and should be unique. Many retail stores and websites start with a specific line of products in mind and then begin to move into different areas. This is ideal because if you start with everything you will likely not build a strong base (especially applies to online).


This brings us to placement. On an ecommerce page you want to make sure that your products are up front and visual. Constantly be running specials that entice the eye and make it easy for the customers to find your products. If you have a physical retail location than it’s the same idea – big, upfront, and flashy.

Customer Service


This is the big one. Customer service, besides the quality of your product, is the most important thing when beginning to sell bulk wholesale items at retail. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have a visible phone number on your site? Or if your business is at a physical location are listed in local web searches?
  2. Do you have an FAQ section on your website? Do you have enough people working on your busy days?
  3. Are your products easily explained and viewable?

If you answered no or maybe to those questions than you need to make sure you get a big YES as soon as you possibly can. People will be interested in the online wholesale items you purchased to sell at retail but don’t expect them to fill in your customer service gaps. Be sure both you can your customer service reps know the products inside out. This will minimize mistakes on all fronts. Make sure you are courteous and on the customers team when they call or come in. Think of a time when you called a company and couldn’t get through or had a bad experience. What was this like? How can your company do the opposite?

In a world full of bulk wholesale items, it’s the companies that have outstanding products, outstanding placement, and outstanding customer service who win big.

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