How 15 Minutes Can Change Your Life

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According to an Oxford University Research, 15 minutes of vigorous exercise can reduce breast cancer risk by one fifth.


For three years, the study followed the lifestyle of 125,000 post-menopausal women 1,000 of whom were breast cancer survivors. It was revealed that participants who engaged in 15 to 30 minutes if vigorous exercise everyday were one fifth less likely to develop breast cancer in their lifetime compared to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, women with 55% or more body fat percentage are also more prone to developing the disease.

Perhaps the most important piece of information we can take from this study is that no matter what your current weight is, regular physical activity can still reduce your risk. This finding serves as a ray of hope for millions of overweight women who fear that they are just waiting to be diagnosed with cancer.


“We’ve known for some time that exercise may help to reduce breast cancer risk after the menopause, but what’s really interesting about this study is that this does not appear to be solely due to the most active women being slimmer, suggesting that there may be some more direct benefits of exercise for women of all sizes.” said lead professor Tim Key.

Examples of vigorous exercises include running or any activity that causes a person to run out of breath. You can also try circuit training or repetitive exercises such as jumping rope.


Aside from helping maintain a healthy weight, exercise also protects us from disease like heart disease and cancer. It seems there really is no downside to incorporating exercise into our lives.

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