Drink Up! The 5 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water

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We’ve all been told that water has loads of health benefits. But what exactly are these attributes that make water the best choice for us?


#1 Promotes good digestion

If you’ve ever missed a bowel movement, then you know how uncomfortable constipation can be. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help prevent this by ensuring that the colon has enough fluids to keep things flowing smoothly.

#2 Boost Energy

Coffee and energy drinks are our usual go-to drinks when we need a boost of energy in the middle of the day. However, experts believe that water still reigns supreme when it comes to rehydrating the body and getting rid of fatigue.

#3 Decongest clogged noses

From subzero to sweltering, the world has experienced some serious weather this year. The flu, cough, and colds are just some common illnesses we are at risk for because of the changing weather. Water helps to decongest clogged noses and relieve itchy throats. Take note that water is just used as adjunct treatment to common illnesses– if symptoms persist, it’s best to consult a doctor.

#4 Water can help you lose weight

You read that right- good old H20 can help you lose the 20 lbs you gained over the Holidays. Choosing to drink water instead of sweet juices and carbonated drinks can help reduce weight because it is virtually calorie free. Water rich foods such as broths, veggies and oatmeal are also more filling that regular foods and will help prevent unplanned snacks.

#5 Radiant Skin

If you have lackluster skin, the culprit may be dehydration. When our body is deprived of water, Because the skin is rich in water, it is usually one of the first organs to suffer from dehydration which results to dull and wrinkled skin. The good news is the water supply has been replenished the skin is also quick to recover.

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