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Giveaways for Your First Customers of 2015

Happy New Year!

While gift giving is usually attributed to Christmas, how about starting a new tradition in your company this year by giving away any of these gifts to your first 100 customers of 2015? They will surely appreciate your token of gratitude and might encourage them to bring their business for the rest of the year.

Xtra Furry Plush Animals


If you are dealing with moms, kids or pets, these extra furry animals would be a great way to start the year! As with anything from Custom On It, it can be customized to your heart’s content. Aside from this cute bear, you can choose from a cow, buffalo, bear, duck and a monkey.

Tire Gauge Key Chain


Road safety is important especially during this time of the year when the roads are slippery with ice. It is imperative that our tires are inflated at the proper pressure to ensure that they don’t slip and slide in the snow. Arm your customers with this handy tire gauge that lets them know when they need to have their tires inflated.

Silver Barrel Pens with Stylus


This pen allows your techie clientele to write on paper as well as their favorite gadgets. Armed with a rubber grip and your choice of a bright color accent, this pen is likely standout among all other pens at their disposal.

Tins with Hershey’s Chocolates


If you deal with many clients who man desks, then they will surely appreciate something they can share with their clients such as this tin full of Hershey’s chocolates!

Clipboards with High Gloss Laminated Finish


Sturdy and with a lot of room for advertising, these clipboards are guaranteed to last a long time and catch the eye of potential customers.

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Top 7 Custom Giveaways For Automotive Events – #6 is Really Cool!

From new models to accessories to the latest in brake fluid technology, car shows are crawling with enthusiasts who are eager to know what’s hot in the automobile industry. If you’ve ever been to one, then you know that it is a great platform to introduce or promote your brand, product and services. The floor is literally revving with energy!


You can help your company get the edge among your competitors by giving away unique, customized promotional items that will make an impact and can be put into everyday use by your customers. Here are our Top 7 Customizable Giveaways from our friends at Custom On It:

Custom Car Sun Shades w/ Accordion Fold



This is a staple at most car shows. It provides great visibility for your brand (Imagine how big your logo can be!) while protecting your client’s car interior from the heat and sun. The accordion form and elastic straps makes it easy to store as well.

#2 Custom Tire Gauge Key Chains


This handy tool can not only hold your keys, it can also measure air pressure in tires! If you use your car every day, it is important to make sure that your tires are properly inflated before going on the road.

#3 Chrome Plated Plastic License Frames


Go custom-crazy personalizing this license plate holder! They’re sturdy and made for the long run, and their UV protection coat helps protect against every day wear and tear.

#4 Custom Auto Open Folding Umbrellas


Protect your clients from the sun and rain with a foldable umbrella! As you can see from the picture, it comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit your company theme.

#5 Environmental Metro Shopper Custom Tote Bags


A lot of stores are going the environmentally friendly way by asking their customers to bring their own bags. Don’t let you customers be caught empty handed by giving them this reusable tote that is easy to store in the glove compartment. Choose from 12 different colors and imprint your logo on all four sides for maximum exposure.

#6 Custom Push Down Bottle Opener


What’s a car show without beer? A handy gadget that opens bottles in a jiffy – just push it in, pull it back and voila! It’s open! This unique product will definitely send customers flocking to your booth at the car show.

 #7 Blank Quick Sling Drawstring Bags


Your customers can use these versatile bags to store an extra pair of shoes, a change of clothes or to keep their car trunk junk organized.

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