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An Upward Battle: Breast Health and Women with Disabilities

Even though women have the same incidence rate of developing breast cancer, 33% of women with disabilities are more likely to die from the disease.


We all know that mammograms and sonograms can be uncomfortable. But in the case of Azlee Blackwood, it was a horrific experience. First, she had difficulty accessing the clinic because of the absence of ramps and elevators. Then, she found out that the clinic did not have the provisions to assist a disabled person like herself. To make matters worse, the staff was insensitive to her special needs –  when Azlee told them that she couldn’t stand for a long period of time because of leg tremors, the staff told her that she can ‘sit when the test is done’.



Even with a strong family history of cancer, Azlee says that she has been discouraged from going back to for a mammogram because of the lack of access, sensitivity and awareness from the people who run breast clinics in the state. She is only one of over 500,000 New Yorkers with disabilities who are “turned off” by the situation. Clearly, the high mortality rate can be attributed to this inaccessibility and insensitivity. Many clinics are not equipped with ramps or elevators and examination tables do not adjust to accommodate wheelchair bound patients. Staffs are also often untrained on how to handle and accommodate these special patients. All of these factors lead to a frustrating, awkward and stressful experience for the staff and the patient.


The good news is, a group of concerned citizens are now working to improve disabled access to breast cancer screenings. They are encouraging clinics to provide these men and women access in accordance to state, federal and anti-discrimination laws.

We wish them all the best!

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Childhood Cancer: A Predisposing Factor to Breast Cancer

As if one bout with cancer isn’t enough, a recent study found that childhood history of Kidney Cancer can predispose a woman to develop breast cancer by the age of 40.


Wilm’s Tumor, also known as Nephroblastoma, affects children below the age of 5. The disease has a 90% survival rate, thanks to the recent advances in surgery and chemotherapy techniques.

This is where the problem starts. Another childhood cancer, Hodgekin’s Lymphoma, has been strongly linked to the development of breast cancer later in life. Researchers have postulated that this was largely due to the chest radiation patients receive as part of treatment. In some cases, radiation therapy is also required in Wilm’s Tumor treatment, especially if the cancer has spread to the child’s lungs.


The study followed 2,492 women who have received treatment for Wilm’s Tumor who have reached at least 15 years of age. Over 20% of the women who received chest radiation therapy developed a form of breast cancer from which three quarters were invasive. Only a mere 0.3% of the women developed breast cancer among those who did not receive chest radiation.


Dr. Normal Breslow of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA, believes that the best way to use this information is to educate  women who have had either Hodgkin’s or Wilm’s Tumor as children to be astute and religious about performing early detection techniques such as self-examinations, sonommamograms and mammograms from the age of 25.

Finding out the cause and predispositions to breast cancer is one way we can help women live longer and happier lives.

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Top 7 Giveaways For Your Breast Cancer Event

Sponsoring charitable events can be a fun and fruitful tradition for your company. It is a great way to encourage camaraderie and instill a sense of social responsibility for your staff. In addition, it also promotes a positive image in the community!


Breast Cancer still remains one of the most pressing concerns in our society today. It haunts the lives of millions of women and their families worldwide which make it a worthwhile cause to support. If this is your first time to organize something like this, don’t worry – there are a lot of local and national charities that can help you organize and event. You can start small like an awareness party or dream big and rally your whole community behind your cause.

Whatever method you choose, you need something to show participants how much you appreciate their help in raising money for your chosen breast cancer charity.  Our friends at Custom On It are more than happy to support your business and your cause by giving you great prices on any of these customizable giveaways:

Custom Colorsplash Frisbees – Confetti Frisbees


A great idea for a summertime event, these colorful Frisbees can be enjoyed by kids and kids at heart. They’re made from a durable plastic material and have a lot of space to feature for your company’s logo and information.

 Pink Ribbon Sweatbands


Pink sweatbands have become a staple in most breast cancer awareness campaigns. They’re eye-catching, reusable and easy to tote around for outdoor activities such as runs, walkathons or treks.

Elastic Stretch Headband – Full Color Dye Sublimated Hairbands


Get sweat and hair out of your face with these colorful hairbands! They’re not only good for sporting events – the stretchy and comfortable material makes them ideal for every day wear as well. Choose from 3 different kinds of thickness and simply upload your logo and that’s it!

Custom Chrome Finish Pedometers in Individual Gift Boxes


Your customers can gauge if they’re doing the recommended 10,000 steps every day by simply attaching a pedometer to their person. It calculates steps, distance, time and calories burned. You also have the option to have your logo laser engraved on its surface.

Custom 28oz Infusion Water Bottles – Push Pull Lid


Juicing is a very big trend right now, so we really love this infusion water bottle. You can put your favorite flavors like lemon, mint or strawberry and enjoy a refreshing drink anytime, anywhere!

Custom Stick On Tattoo


A treat for all ages, this stick on tattoo is a great way to promote a cause and your company as well. You can have your logo intertwined with a pink ribbon or something cool like this:

Custom Mirrored Lens Wayfarer Sunglasses

custom_mirrored_lens_wayfarer_sunglasses (1)

Impact resistant with UV400 protection, these chic wayfarers will definitely fly off the shelves! You can choose between different kinds of lenses and frames and imprint your logo on one of both!

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