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Giveaways for Your First Customers of 2015

Happy New Year!

While gift giving is usually attributed to Christmas, how about starting a new tradition in your company this year by giving away any of these gifts to your first 100 customers of 2015? They will surely appreciate your token of gratitude and might encourage them to bring their business for the rest of the year.

Xtra Furry Plush Animals


If you are dealing with moms, kids or pets, these extra furry animals would be a great way to start the year! As with anything from Custom On It, it can be customized to your heart’s content. Aside from this cute bear, you can choose from a cow, buffalo, bear, duck and a monkey.

Tire Gauge Key Chain


Road safety is important especially during this time of the year when the roads are slippery with ice. It is imperative that our tires are inflated at the proper pressure to ensure that they don’t slip and slide in the snow. Arm your customers with this handy tire gauge that lets them know when they need to have their tires inflated.

Silver Barrel Pens with Stylus


This pen allows your techie clientele to write on paper as well as their favorite gadgets. Armed with a rubber grip and your choice of a bright color accent, this pen is likely standout among all other pens at their disposal.

Tins with Hershey’s Chocolates


If you deal with many clients who man desks, then they will surely appreciate something they can share with their clients such as this tin full of Hershey’s chocolates!

Clipboards with High Gloss Laminated Finish


Sturdy and with a lot of room for advertising, these clipboards are guaranteed to last a long time and catch the eye of potential customers.

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Sky’s The Limit: Blank Promotional Products

A Clean Slate is something that we all aspire to at one point of our lives. After a bad experience, we wish that we can erase the pain and regrets and start anew. It is a chance at a new beginning where we get another shot at right choices and live a better life. A clean slate is not easy to come by – that’s why when it does, we should take advantage of it!

Black promotional products work the same way. It gives business owners a chance to flex their creative muscles. They’re given blank products on which they are free to design as they see fit. Bulk Wholesale Companies offer you business owners the freedom to choose an item, design it and give it away to their customers. There are numerous items that you can buy pre-made. For example, give away yellow sticky notes if that’s your logos’ color. Or, pink reusable bags at your next community get together. Participants may appreciate it, but you sure aren’t doing much for your business.

As a business owner, you must make marketing and advertisement priorities. Why? Well, you very well can’t claim you’ve got the best cupcakes in town when with no one to attest to it! Giveaways (especially reusable ones) can sell your products as long as your customers use them. For example, each time a document gets passed around the office with your sticky note on it, everyone that touches that document will get a glimpse of your company logo and contact number. Talk about instant advertisement! You will only need to pay for these items once, and they would advertise your company for a very long time.


If you are trying to get a message across for your cause, then you’d benefit from customized items as well. Emblazon your group motto on t-shirts, lanyards or mugs. Or, invite people to your fund raising campaigns by giving away flyers, ballpens or mouse pads. You can go big with promotional banners, spheres or balloons.

Mood Changing Pen


If you’re looking for giveaways that are well made and highly customizable, take a look at Custom On It. There are numerous items that you can customize for your business. They offer very competitive prices and are willing to lend a hand if you’re not sure what you want, they have an awesome design team to help you out.

Use a clean slate to promote your business and your cause. What do you have in mind?

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Building the A-Team: Boost Team Spirit with Company Giveaways

Being part of a group and being part of a team are two completely different things. A group simply implies people associated with one another whether by location, office space or year level. However, a team is group of people that are working as one towards an identified goal.  Members of a group aren’t obligated to look out for one another; whereas a team extends a helping hand to a struggling member whenever needed.

In order to establish a sense of teamwork, there must be an open line of communication within the group. The leader should encourage a non judgmental, objective approach to each team gathering. Remember that each member has something different to bring to the table, and a good team is where each member’s opinion, praise, suggestions, comments, criticisms are taken in equal measure. Team goals also need to be communicated and understood by every member of the team – their roles in accomplishing it must be clearly defined as well. Setting clear goals and realistic deadlines will help improve the team’s overall performance and avoid unnecessary delays.

You can set aside 1 or 2 days every year to reestablish or build communication lines with old and new members. You can try some of the team building exercises found on Mind Tools. Not only do these exercises help establish rapport among the group, they’re a lot of fun too! They also have great tools and ideas for both leaders and members that can help in managing individual and group projects.

We all know that trust is the building block of any relationship – personal or professional. However, building trust among the team is easier said than done. Don’t expect everybody to trust each other immediately; it takes a few weeks or projects before trust can be established.

You can also help boost your team’s morale with personalized items such as shirts, calendars or office supplies (pens, sticky notes, etc) with your company’s name or motto imprinted on it. We know that Team Spirit is more than being seen wearing the same shirt, but it does go a long way in making a member feel part of a team. This imbibes a sense of pride and encourages them to go the extra mile for the benefit of the group. You can also choose witty phrases like:

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
― Michael Jordan

Teamwork makes the dream work
― Bang Gae

Here are some items that you can customize according to your team’s needs:



Mood Changing Pen

We hope these tips will help you build your own dream teams. Good luck!

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