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Bad Breath Busters: Our Top Dental Products Revealed!

Bad Breath can be a real deal breaker. It can get in the way of your social and professional life and can make anybody feel isolated and self conscious.

badbreath Bad-breath

Since oral health is an issue for all ages, dental health products would make a great giveaway idea for any of your big events. Whether you deal in healthcare or would like to promote the importance of oral health in your community, these items would surely come in handy!

Custom Travel Toothpick Dispensers


Have you ever experienced having a piece of food stuck in between your teeth? Annoying, isn’t it?

Save your customers from that frustration with this travel sized toothpick dispenser. Aside from your company colors and logo, you can also have your contact details printed for easy access.

Custom Travel Toothbrushes & Colgate® Toothpaste


A toothbrush and Colgate Toothpaste that can be put away even in the tiniest purse? Yes to that! Now your customers can brush their teeth anytime, anywhere. Great takeaway idea for a dentists’ office, health clinics or school events.

Custom Dental Floss


Regular Brushing and Flossing are the keys to healthy gums and teeth. This one comes in 5 chic translucent boxes that contain a liberal amount of high-grade floss.

Custom 25oz Translucent Purifying Water Bottles


One cause of yellowing teeth is the consumption of sweet and colored beverages such as coffee and soda. This reusable water bottle can help your customers ease up on these drinks and settle for good old H20 instead.

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Promotional Items for Travel Agencies

Don’t you just love travelling?

Travel enriches both to the mind and body. It enables us to discover new places, adventures and oftentimes, new things about ourselves. We go out of our comfort zones and away from our stressful everyday lives even just for a few days. If you’re the kind that likes roughing it, then it’s just easy as going online and booking a flight. However, if you want to strip your trip of stress, then it’s time to run to the fairy godmothers of travel – the travel agents.


Travel agents are the people who take care of us during vacations. They hook us up with the best hotels, tours and tickets to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the trip so that we can effectively relax and de-stress. Young and old, more people feel the need to travel. There are many travel agencies to choose from, and if you own one of them you probably want to do everything to get the advantage.

Most of the time, your service will speak for you either in a negative or a positive way.  From answering the phone to on-site trouble shooting, your customers will be watching your every move. Make sure you and your staff gives your utmost best in ensuring that your customers are given professional service all the time. Aside from giving kick-ass customer service, there are many ways you can get more people to book vacations with you. Promotional merchandise you can give away to your customers as a marketing strategy or as a thank you for their continued patronage.

As always, we recommend items that can be used by your customers while travelling and have enough area to put your logo and contact information. Here are some examples:

First Aid Kits – First aid packs are important while travelling. Your guests can store their medication, alcohol swabs and a few band aids for those unavoidable humps and bumps that may happen during a trip.


Bags – Your customers will truly appreciate these foldable and reusable bags. They can easily be stored and will come in handy during shopping trips.


Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set– Travelling or not, everybody needs a travel sized oral care kit. This can fit in their carryon bags.


SPF 30 kits – Whether they’re going to a sunny beach or a snowy mountain, your guests shouldn’t be without SPF!


Fruit Infusion Tumblers – These chic new tumblers will keep your guests hydrated when they’re exploring a new city.


We hope these ideas would help you get the edge on your competitors!

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