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3 Things You Need To Remember When Buying in Bulk

What would you do in this situation?

You want to give away t-shirts to your customers on your next event. A vendor offers you 24 custom printed shirts for $9 each. But, they tell you that they’re willing to cut that price down to $6 each if you order 72 shirts. Will you take the deal?

The main reason why we consider buying things in bulk is to save money. It is a well known fact that bulk buying gives us access to big discounts and promotions that wouldn’t be otherwise available for per piece transactions.  However, when done incorrectly, bulk buying can also lead to product wastage and loss.


As a homeowner or business proprietor, you need to arm yourself with the correct knowledge and skills in order for you to take full advantage of the benefits of bulk buying. We put together a list of key concepts to help you on your next bulk buying escapade:

Bulk Buy Fast Moving Items

If only our storage rooms are as organized as this!

If only our storage rooms are as organized as this!

We know that nobody loves doing inventory. But, there are a lot of reasons why you should always keep an updated and accurate list of your products one of which is to know which items are fast and slow moving. Generally speaking, fast moving items are those that you use every day whereas slow moving items are used only for special orders or occasions. We recommend bulk buying only fast moving items as this will free you from worrying about storage, expiry dates or wastage.

What are your fast moving items?

What are your fast moving items?

Think Twice About Bulk Buying Perishable Items

Think and rethink before bulk purchasing anything that comes with an expiry date especially when you cannot be sure you will be able to use the item before it expires. I had a friend who hosted a ‘Meat Party’ because she wanted to get rid of near expiring tenderloins she still had in her freezer after a year. Food items aren’t always made for bulk, unless you are hosting a party or plan to give it away as a favor in an event.


Ensure you have adequate space to store the goods

Before buying anything in bulk, picture out where you will store them in your home or office. Remember, items should never invade your personal space or pose a risk to the safety to the people you live or work with… so don’t resort to storing boxes of bulk items in your hallway or living room. If you don’t have space for it, don’t buy it.  If you don’t have the space for your giveaways, ask your vendor if they can deliver the items near the day or on the day of the event.


We hope that these 3 tips will help you make the most out of your bulk buying experience for your home or office.

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Building a Good Reputation For Your Business Online and Offline

We all have that one place we go to when we’ve tried every new bar/cafe that’s just opened in our area. It’s like a second home, where we can expect the same great service and food each and every time we visit. The bartender and waiters know our names and orders by heart, and where the ambiance has been equated to many good memories.

This is the exact same feeling and loyalty you would like for your own business. Developing a loyal group of customers in essential in building a good reputation online and offline. Say you’re looking to buy a new gadget or cosmetic item – one of the first things you would probably do is search for user ratings and comment about the product. Consumers want to know the good and bad experiences others had with the  item or service before they spend any of their time and money.


Question is, how do you build a good rep for your business online and offline? Here are a few tips that will work for both!

1.Positive or negative feedback will tell whether or not you will attract  new customers. The key to consistent good service is to develop a  system and set of standards that everyone has to meet for every customer. Be t

2. Things will not always go your way especially in business. Have a back up plan for incidents such as irate or suspicious customers, unreliable vendors or failure in service. The trick is not to have the company sound like a machine – believe us, there is nothing that would annoy customers more than talking to a machine! You can consult with a human resource consultant or whip up a spiel yourself.

3. Reach out to the local community. Open up your business to the locals. For example, display your neighbor’s artwork on your walls or invite local talents to perform one night a week. You can feature local bakers, brewers or support local teams by sponsoring pep rallies and the like.

4. Get listed! Make sure your business is in all the right lists – local business directory, Google maps, blog rolls, even the phone book. Travelers, tourists and even those who live in nearby cities are always looking for something new to try. Do a regular search for your business online. If you can, contact the the site administrator and ask if you can post your own description of your place including a sneak peak on the menu/items and even promotions you are currently doing.

5. Engage with your customers by holding contests – online and offline. You can hold polls, race to 300 ‘likes’ contests or have patrons post their most creative pictures taken in your establishment or by using your products. Let your creativity fly!

No matter how much you spend for advertising, your reputation will still come down to whether or not your customers equate your business with reliable and quality service each and every time they need you. We hope these tips gave you some new ideas!

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Funds for a Cause: College Edition

No matter what the platform, fundraising is always a challenge. Whether you are a college student, organization or small business looking to raise funds for a cause in your local campus, heed this warning: It’s not easy to part a college student with their hard earned part time money they reserve for indulging in small luxuries like a decent meal or partying once in a while.

The key to enticing them to give you money is to spend some creative juice. Spend time in the area and if you know a couple of college kids, ask them for suggestions too. Are there regular sporting activities in the campus? Where is their favorite place to hang out in between or after classes? Knowing your audience is always the first step in fundraising in college or beyond. This way, you can cater your activities according to their interests and hopefully, raise more money!

Make it more fun by doing this activity with friends who also feel strongly about your cause. Remember, there’s a big chance most passers-by will ignore you or make fun of you – so you and your group must be ready deal using equal wit and a smile!

There are numerous ways you can go about this: staging a concert, sponsoring a run, or by giving away paraphernalia. Give away something that they can use and always carry. We suggest items related to beer and coffee – two beverages college students can’t live without. Here are some ideas:

1. Keep your cold drinks… well, cold longer with these can and bottle koozies! We imagine these would be a big hit with the avid party goers 🙂


Bottle Koozies

2. Stick them in the fridge and voila! These acrylic mugs are ready to serve your favorite cold drinks (coffee or beer) without diluting the taste.

Acrylic Mugs

3.  Coffee to go – who wouldn’t go for it? College students need caffeine to keep ’em going after a long night of partying/studying!


Ask a custom made company like Custom On It to place logos, school mascots or witty one liners on any of these items to make them even more appealing. More likely, the school will appreciate a boost in their team spirit too! The more items you order, the less they charge for each one. So you can sell them with a reasonable profit to raise funds! Use music, make a colorful booth or even a few games to attract more audiences for your cause.

Remember, these fund Raisers should be fun for you and your audience and productive for your benefactors. Good luck!

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How to Choose The Perfect Corporate Gift for the Holidays

Time flies by so fast, especially during the holidays. As we bid goodbye to 2013, we look back at both hurdles and successes and thank the heavens that we’re blessed to continue for yet another year.

Aside from hardworking employees, we also have to remember loyal customers, sponsors and business partners who have continuously patronized the company. Usually though, budgets are tight during the holidays and many small businesses are considering not giving away corporate presents this year.

Did you know what a simple handwritten Christmas card can have a big impact on a client’s view of your company? In most cases, it is the thought and the act of giving that makes an impact rather than the gift itself. Simple or extravagant, customers will appreciate that you remembered them and that they’re an important part in the success of your company.

Should you give different gifts to different types of clients? Yes. A long time investor should receive a little more credit than the bike messenger guy you always hire. Here are our suggestions:

For your long time investor/client/business partner:

The Gourmet Gift Tower. Stacked with your choice of goodies (candies, pretzels, cookies, nuts, etc), a gourmet gift tower is a great way to show your appreciation to a cherished investor or big client.

the-imperial-gourmet-tower-3-1303-306961 The One Gallon Popcorn Tin. Nobody can get their hands away from a tin of freshly popped popcorn! You can go classic with one flavor or let the client taste all three – caramel, butter and cheese!


If you interact with several employees of a company, here are a few ideas:

Credit Card Size Bottle Opener. A gift that’s useful beyond the holidays, your clients will be sure to remember your company when a good time’s about to start!

Bottle opener
Stainless Steel Travel Tumblers. If you’re looking to maximize your gift investment, select items that can be used for a long time such as travel tumblers.

stainless steel mug
Bag/Tube Treats. Everybody likes treats! You can choose sweet or healthy and give these away with a handwritten note of thanks from you. How sweet is that?

Candy bag

candy tubes

Whatever gift you choose to give away for the holidays, just remember to remain professional and in line with the image you want associated with your company. Know your audience and be sensitive to their culture or religion. This takes a little research, but it will score you some brownie points if you take the time. Do it now though, the Holidays are just around the corner and you don’t want to get caught in the crowd!

These are just some of our suggestions; it’s really up to you to be creative in turning your meager budget into memorable gifts. You can get more help and ideas from VegasINC.

For everything you see on this post and for any of your custom needs visit Custom On It.

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How to Give Your Business the Tradeshow Advantage

Some experts say that it doesn’t matter if people don’t remember your name in a tradeshow, what’s important is that they remember your product. Do you agree?


If you’ve ever been to one, then you know that trade shows are chaos – with hundreds of suppliers elbowing for the same customer’s attention. In order to get ahead of competition, most booths come up with clever ideas such as giving away samples, food items or games requiring audience participation. Most companies are willing to go through this fuss just to get their brands recognized.

How do you know when you’ve successfully achieved ultimate brand recognition status? It’s when people stop calling your products by their common names and start referring to them with your brand. For example, instead of calling it soda, most refer to carbonized drinks as Coke. Or, instead of referring to them as couriers, most ask where the nearest DHL or FedEx store is.

If your business is just starting out, it’s understandable that brand recognition may be the least of your priorities. But we’re here to tell you though that you shouldn’t completely cross it out. There are numerous ways you can help your brand or company get an edge and one of them is to give away corporate gifts on tradeshows.

Corporate gifts aren’t only to show your gratitude to customers but to entice new ones as well. During tradeshows, we recommend gifts that will give your brand maximum exposure – ID lanyards, envelopes, t-shirts. These items have enough space for your creativity (catchy phrases, eye-catching logos etc.) or if you’re a little short on the artistic department, there are many companies that offer custom made items for a good price. Tell them what you want and they’ll make it for you!


Here are other trade show tips to get you started:

  1. Get all the information from the event organizers (size of the booth, estimated number of participants etc.) weeks prior to the tradeshow so you can effectively plan ahead. See if you can get a spot in or around the busiest areas – entrance ways, main hallways, near the restrooms, etc.
  2. Be unique and original! Get people to notice your booth by coming up with clever ways to get attention – pick a bright color, a catchy song or a fun game to make people want to stop and chat with you.
  3. Network effectively. Other than potential customers, you can also take advantage of the setting and meet prospective suppliers and partners. It’s also a good time to acquaint yourself with updates and events in your field.

Have fun coming up with your own ideas (try IdentityPR too!) and best of luck on that trade show! If you need custom products to give away for your next trade show, give the folks at Custom On It a call!

 Image: ClassicExhibits;IdentityPR

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Your Corporate Giveaway: Giving Your Business a Personal Touch

Nowadays, it is very hard to disconnect ourselves from the internet. From the moment we open our eyes to time we go to bed we’re connected to some form of internet based technology – mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc.This is one of the main reasons why the Internet has become the new avenue for marketing. Gone are the days when salesmen had to go door to door to sell their product; now they only have to click a few keys and be able to reach millions of people worldwide.


While internet marketing has its benefits, there still something special about face to face marketing. Giving a loyal customer something they can actually hold, gives your business a personal advantage over the impersonal internet marketers; not only that, corporate gifts can also translate to a marketing goldmine. How?

Let’s say you give away canvas totes (with your logo, of course) to a few of your loyal customers. Your brand will immediately get free exposure when they use the bag! When people are seen wearing or using your product you immediately earn marketing points, without you spending a single dollar more. Isn’t that great?

When deciding on corporate gifts, consider the how much exposure your brand will get with it. Stray from items that can’t be worn or used by your customers – items that will just remain at home such as picture frames, figurines or magnets will not give you enough marketing mileage.

Here are some great ideas:

  1. ID Lanyards – At your next conference, county fair or event you can volunteer to shoulder the ID lanyard expenses. Imagine every attendee wearing your logo!
  2. Canvas/Reusable Bags – You can maximize large items such as water bottles and bags by putting not only your company logo but your services and contact numbers as well.

Canvas Bag3.  Water containers – you can sponsor your community’s next charity walk/marathon by donating water containers. Participants can reuse them every time they go for a run.

4. Office Supplies – Office items such as pens, sticky notes, and reusable envelopes are used every day and passed on from one person to another. If your company conducts business with numerous offices, office supplies are the way to go!

Mood Changing Pen

Whenever you have an opportunity to have face to face interaction with your customers, grab it! It’s a way to listen to their feedback, comments and suggestions too.

When most companies are spending thousands of dollars in internet marketing, be different! Remember that customers also appreciate associating a face behind their favorite products/services. Spend time with your customers, shake their hands and give them something to remember your business by.

For more tips and tricks, visit SmallBizTrends.

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How To Start Buying in Bulk The Right Way!

When most people hear the word ‘bulk’, they immediately think of the people from the A&E Documentary ‘Hoarders’. The show is both fascinating and depressing to watch – the struggle of those who have accumulated so many objects that they require the help of professional psychologists, organizers and cleaning specialists to get better. It’s hard to imagine how a problem like ‘too much stuff’ can take over people’s lives, homes and relationships. Although the most shocking revelation for most is how hoarding can affect health.


Well, we assure you, that there is an upside to bulk buying contrary to popular belief and we’ve got nifty little tips and tricks to help you get started!

The key to successful bulk buying is organization and planning. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Make a list of things that are fast-moving in your home. Fast moving items are used frequently and make your grocery list week after week. These items include toilet paper, laundry detergent, diapers, rice/oats, paper towels, soap, etc.
  2. Clean out your pantry/storage area. Next, you have to clean out your pantry/storage area. Why? Even when you’re looking out to buy a lot of items, you need to make sure you have room for them at home. Otherwise, people would mistake you for a hoarder.Take everything out and inspect the items in your current pantry. Chuck out expired or near expiring items, items you haven’t touched or used in a year and see if they’re still good for charity or selling online.
  3. Stick to your list. Now that you have storage, it’s time to go to your grocery or wholesale store. We know how easy it is to be tempted to buy most of the store when you’re there… be strong! Stick to your list and buy only what you use and need.
  4. Remember to check the dates on your items. If you buy something that’s going to expire in 3 months, you better make sure your household will use it up by that time – otherwise, you’re just wasting money. Items with more than 1 year left before they expire works best.
  5. Organize, organize, organize. Label your purchases and put their expiry dates where you can easily see it. You can use colorful containers for your shampoo or dish washing fluid so you don’t put the whole canister in your bath or kitchen sink. Store your items neatly so that you can see everything and there is no risk of anything falling when you open the door.



Hopefully, these tips can help you get started on your journey to bulk buying! We recommend you also visit Earth911 and The Simple Dollar for more ideas on how to save money and be green about it too!


Images: Practically Organized, Corvallis Advocate
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Gifts for All Seasons: Our Top 5 Practical Gift Ideas for Women

Birthdays, Graduation, Weddings, Company Milestones – there may be a larger demand for gifts during the Christmas Season, but really, gifts are needed all year round!  While it’s more personal to make your own gifts or buy something really special for your SO, there are still a lot of -for lack of a better word – miscellaneous people that you need to buy gifts for.

Gym People

Who are these miscellaneous people? Office mates, gym buddies, book club members – people from your everyday life that  you would like to give something to – at a budget. This is where ordering in bulk comes in – have something customized that says something about your personality and always have something to give away.

A great tip for buying customized bulk items? Choose a nice print, color or phrase that can work for both men and women.

Here are a few year round gift ideas we like. You can find more awesome ideas from The Gift Insider and Makobi Scribe.

1. The Canvas Tote

Women can’t possess enough bags – this is a fact. This is why a versatile canvas tote is an awesome idea for an all season gift. It’s tough, stylish and roomy enough to fit all everyday essentials. Ladies can use canvas bags at the beach, the grocery store, in flea markets, at the gym – endless possibilities, really. You can encourage environmental awareness too!

See by Chloe Canvas Bag

2. The Practical Hair Accessory

Your stylish lady friends may be caught dead with these on the streets, but I guarantee they’d wear these anywhere else. These may not be the most the stylish, but sweat proof, lightweight and non-slip headbands make use for everywhere else – at home, at the gym, running errands or anywhere else that requires getting hair out of the face.

3. The Tumbler

  When you don’t have the time to drink your coffee at home or often too busy at work to even make it to the coffee machine, then tumblers are for you. You can even have them customized with clever phrases such as quotes from your favorite books – “No one will take my dragons.” (for you GoT fans) or your favorite TV shows – “Gatorade me, B*tch”  (for you Breaking Baddies out there).

4.The Drawstring Bag

Like canvas totes, drawstring bags are a great practical gifts! It can be used to store shoes, sort out clothing when traveling or organize items in your car or closet. It’s also a great way to tote around your gym shoes.


5. Sticky Notes

Whether at home or at the office, sticky notes are a woman’s best friend. They’re for grocery lists, reminders, leaving messages or brain storming! No home or person is unable to find use for them.

Images: ModCloth;Lovelieve

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Bulk Sweat Management Bands – A Unique Accessory

The reason why sweatbands are popular giveaway and fundraising items is the fact that it is easy and affordable to produce them in bulk. They are very functional, too. Contrary to common knowledge, sweat bands are not just for athletes and sports enthusiasts. They are used in many other ways you can imagine.

Wholesale headbands, arm bands and wristbands are easy to market because the material used is not that rare, making them really affordable. They are made from 100 percent wicking terry cotton, very similar to the ones used in towels. They are very absorptive and comfortable, you can be sure that they are worn and not just kept in the drawer.

You won’t believe how sweat management bands have contributed to the world of sports not only in terms of how athletes enhance their performance but also in how wholesale sweatbands have promoted the active lifestyle even among urban young people who used to just stay in front of the computer all day and not care about their health and fitness.

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