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Our Top Christmas Giveaways Revealed!

The lines are getting longer, the people are getting restless and the traffic is at its worst – all signs and symptoms point to one obvious answer: The Holiday Rush is upon us!


Finding the perfect holiday giveaway for your customers and company benefactors can be a real tedious task. Braving the long lines is just isn’t an option if you are buying in bulk. Imagine all the angry stares you’ll get when the poor cashier is ringing up 100 cans of popcorn!

So, in the name of a hassle free holiday season, we’d like to present the most popular items bought in bulk from Custom On It. These items are made with quality in mind and as always, customizable to your every need. Happy Holidays you guys!

Desk Pad Calendars


One of the things we love most about calendars is that they are useful all year long. In addition, they also ensure that your company logo and contact information will get most mileage.

Cotton Canvas Carry On Totes


Unlike plastic and paper bags that get reused 2-3 times, reusable bags can last a long time in the hands of your customers. They can use it in the gym, at the grocery or when they travel. Talk about maximizing your ad budget!

Custom Gift Wrap Sheets


Choose your company colors add your logo and that’s it! These are great for gifting all year round!

Seasonal Tins


Fill these colorful tins with your choice of chocolates, nuts, candy or mints!

Dipped Oreo Cookies Gift Box


No one can resist a box of Oreos. Much less 4 Oreo cookies dipped in rich Belgian Chocolate. Trust me, we tried and failed.

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Top 7 Custom Giveaways For Automotive Events – #6 is Really Cool!

From new models to accessories to the latest in brake fluid technology, car shows are crawling with enthusiasts who are eager to know what’s hot in the automobile industry. If you’ve ever been to one, then you know that it is a great platform to introduce or promote your brand, product and services. The floor is literally revving with energy!


You can help your company get the edge among your competitors by giving away unique, customized promotional items that will make an impact and can be put into everyday use by your customers. Here are our Top 7 Customizable Giveaways from our friends at Custom On It:

Custom Car Sun Shades w/ Accordion Fold



This is a staple at most car shows. It provides great visibility for your brand (Imagine how big your logo can be!) while protecting your client’s car interior from the heat and sun. The accordion form and elastic straps makes it easy to store as well.

#2 Custom Tire Gauge Key Chains


This handy tool can not only hold your keys, it can also measure air pressure in tires! If you use your car every day, it is important to make sure that your tires are properly inflated before going on the road.

#3 Chrome Plated Plastic License Frames


Go custom-crazy personalizing this license plate holder! They’re sturdy and made for the long run, and their UV protection coat helps protect against every day wear and tear.

#4 Custom Auto Open Folding Umbrellas


Protect your clients from the sun and rain with a foldable umbrella! As you can see from the picture, it comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit your company theme.

#5 Environmental Metro Shopper Custom Tote Bags


A lot of stores are going the environmentally friendly way by asking their customers to bring their own bags. Don’t let you customers be caught empty handed by giving them this reusable tote that is easy to store in the glove compartment. Choose from 12 different colors and imprint your logo on all four sides for maximum exposure.

#6 Custom Push Down Bottle Opener


What’s a car show without beer? A handy gadget that opens bottles in a jiffy – just push it in, pull it back and voila! It’s open! This unique product will definitely send customers flocking to your booth at the car show.

 #7 Blank Quick Sling Drawstring Bags


Your customers can use these versatile bags to store an extra pair of shoes, a change of clothes or to keep their car trunk junk organized.

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Promotional Items for Travel Agencies

Don’t you just love travelling?

Travel enriches both to the mind and body. It enables us to discover new places, adventures and oftentimes, new things about ourselves. We go out of our comfort zones and away from our stressful everyday lives even just for a few days. If you’re the kind that likes roughing it, then it’s just easy as going online and booking a flight. However, if you want to strip your trip of stress, then it’s time to run to the fairy godmothers of travel – the travel agents.


Travel agents are the people who take care of us during vacations. They hook us up with the best hotels, tours and tickets to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the trip so that we can effectively relax and de-stress. Young and old, more people feel the need to travel. There are many travel agencies to choose from, and if you own one of them you probably want to do everything to get the advantage.

Most of the time, your service will speak for you either in a negative or a positive way.  From answering the phone to on-site trouble shooting, your customers will be watching your every move. Make sure you and your staff gives your utmost best in ensuring that your customers are given professional service all the time. Aside from giving kick-ass customer service, there are many ways you can get more people to book vacations with you. Promotional merchandise you can give away to your customers as a marketing strategy or as a thank you for their continued patronage.

As always, we recommend items that can be used by your customers while travelling and have enough area to put your logo and contact information. Here are some examples:

First Aid Kits – First aid packs are important while travelling. Your guests can store their medication, alcohol swabs and a few band aids for those unavoidable humps and bumps that may happen during a trip.


Bags – Your customers will truly appreciate these foldable and reusable bags. They can easily be stored and will come in handy during shopping trips.


Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set– Travelling or not, everybody needs a travel sized oral care kit. This can fit in their carryon bags.


SPF 30 kits – Whether they’re going to a sunny beach or a snowy mountain, your guests shouldn’t be without SPF!


Fruit Infusion Tumblers – These chic new tumblers will keep your guests hydrated when they’re exploring a new city.


We hope these ideas would help you get the edge on your competitors!

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How to Put the Fun in Your Next Fundraiser


Are you crazy enough to start your own Fundraising event for your cause?

We said crazy because well, fundraising isn’t exactly the most relaxing event to organize. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. From planning to execution, the stress is sure to suck all the fun out of fundraising. However, your cause needs to be put out there for the world to care about, and you need to raise money to help make a difference. So don’t let the stress get between you and your cause. We’ve got some pretty good ideas to help you get through!

 If you do decide to lead your own fundraising effort, you’re going to need a lot of help. There are numerous resources online (such as Go Fund Me) which give you the option to advertise and accept donations online. However, you shouldn’t forget the appeal of face to face campaigning; raising funds and awareness requires a lot of legwork. Reach out to your community leaders, neighbors and family members and ask for volunteers.


Fundraising is an integral part in supporting a cause. Financial aid is needed to fund research, awareness programs and the like. While the reward is priceless, the road to raising money can be tedious and stressful. This is why you should make it a point to make the event fun for you, your volunteers and your audience!


So how are you going to do that?

Create a buzz weeks before the event.  You need to get people curious enough to drop by your event be it a bake sale or a star studded concert. Giveaway flyers, invites, event teasers at strategic locations that get a lot of people traffic such as supermarkets and daycare centers. Create a Facebook page and keep your audience posted on what activities they can look forward to during the event.

Next, aim for diversity. Instead of just selling lemonade, why don’t you invite your volunteers to bake their special recipes to sell as well? Conduct a short, but memorable presentation about your cause. You can even make posters and spread them all around the venue. Pull out some tables chairs, play some music and make it an afternoon to remember. For a little extra fee, your audience can also watch a movie in your backyard. You need to create as many opportunities to raise awareness and collect donations.  Use scratch and win cards to raffle off giveaways such as goodie bags, bracelets or t-shirts.

The main thing to remember is to keep the cause the center of attention while keeping the affair entertaining. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your event and remember to have some fun!

Image: UDEL-NSBE; Alpha-1 Foundation;UrbanBurbles
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Sky’s The Limit: Blank Promotional Products

A Clean Slate is something that we all aspire to at one point of our lives. After a bad experience, we wish that we can erase the pain and regrets and start anew. It is a chance at a new beginning where we get another shot at right choices and live a better life. A clean slate is not easy to come by – that’s why when it does, we should take advantage of it!

Black promotional products work the same way. It gives business owners a chance to flex their creative muscles. They’re given blank products on which they are free to design as they see fit. Bulk Wholesale Companies offer you business owners the freedom to choose an item, design it and give it away to their customers. There are numerous items that you can buy pre-made. For example, give away yellow sticky notes if that’s your logos’ color. Or, pink reusable bags at your next community get together. Participants may appreciate it, but you sure aren’t doing much for your business.

As a business owner, you must make marketing and advertisement priorities. Why? Well, you very well can’t claim you’ve got the best cupcakes in town when with no one to attest to it! Giveaways (especially reusable ones) can sell your products as long as your customers use them. For example, each time a document gets passed around the office with your sticky note on it, everyone that touches that document will get a glimpse of your company logo and contact number. Talk about instant advertisement! You will only need to pay for these items once, and they would advertise your company for a very long time.


If you are trying to get a message across for your cause, then you’d benefit from customized items as well. Emblazon your group motto on t-shirts, lanyards or mugs. Or, invite people to your fund raising campaigns by giving away flyers, ballpens or mouse pads. You can go big with promotional banners, spheres or balloons.

Mood Changing Pen


If you’re looking for giveaways that are well made and highly customizable, take a look at Custom On It. There are numerous items that you can customize for your business. They offer very competitive prices and are willing to lend a hand if you’re not sure what you want, they have an awesome design team to help you out.

Use a clean slate to promote your business and your cause. What do you have in mind?

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The Lowdown on Lunar New Year Corporate Giveaways

The Chinese have one of the most beautiful and ancient civilizations known to man.  In every bustling city on Earth, these is a China Town – where people from all races and nationalities flock for a taste of authentic Chinese food and products. Just one taste of their flavorful food and you will be exposed to the many layers and tastes of their culture. The Chinese people are firm believers in following superstition and tradition no matter which country they call home.


Come January 31st, our Chinese friends will celebrate the Lunar New Year. Unlike Western Cultures which follow a Gregorian calendar, the most Asian countries also follow a Lunar Calendar. Also known as a Gregorian calendar, a Solar Calendar symbolizes the position of the earth on its revolution around the sun. Consequently, a Lunar Calendar reflects the cycle of the moon which causes it to differ slightly from a Solar Calendar in terms of the length of months and years. Nowadays, it is commonly used to schedule important life events such as when it is most auspicious for a wedding or starting a new venture.


The Lunar New Year celebrations run for 15 days and they are all filled with activities that are designed to attract all kinds of good fortune for the coming year. The Chinese typically dress their work, home and communities to the nines in red (a color believed to have to power to drive away evil spirits) and the animal to which the year is dedicated to (2014 is the Year of the Wooden Horse). Other traditions include paying off all debts, cleaning homes, eating ‘lucky’ foods and gift giving.

Whether you’re working with a China-based contractor or some clients are big believers in Chinese tradition, it only seems prudent that you give them something to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Traditional Chinese gifts include red money envelopes, wine, tea and sweets. Giving money to your clients may be a little awkward so here’s our idea: Why don’t you get Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Symbols imprinted on items and use them as giveaways?

Wall Art chinese wall art

Buttons – “Love”Love ButtonsPaper Products – “Love”

love napkin

Bags  – “Good Fortune”Tote BlessingShirts –  “Wealth/Prosperity”

Wealth Shirt

Before you have anything printed, be sure to check the authenticity of the symbol. You can go online and find a reputable site – there are hundreds of characters in the Chinese language and some of them look a lot alike. Other than that, have a prosperous and blessed 2014.

Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy New Year)!

Images: OWNBond;MyWalls;lifequotes
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