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Our Top Christmas Giveaways Revealed!

The lines are getting longer, the people are getting restless and the traffic is at its worst – all signs and symptoms point to one obvious answer: The Holiday Rush is upon us!


Finding the perfect holiday giveaway for your customers and company benefactors can be a real tedious task. Braving the long lines is just isn’t an option if you are buying in bulk. Imagine all the angry stares you’ll get when the poor cashier is ringing up 100 cans of popcorn!

So, in the name of a hassle free holiday season, we’d like to present the most popular items bought in bulk from Custom On It. These items are made with quality in mind and as always, customizable to your every need. Happy Holidays you guys!

Desk Pad Calendars


One of the things we love most about calendars is that they are useful all year long. In addition, they also ensure that your company logo and contact information will get most mileage.

Cotton Canvas Carry On Totes


Unlike plastic and paper bags that get reused 2-3 times, reusable bags can last a long time in the hands of your customers. They can use it in the gym, at the grocery or when they travel. Talk about maximizing your ad budget!

Custom Gift Wrap Sheets


Choose your company colors add your logo and that’s it! These are great for gifting all year round!

Seasonal Tins


Fill these colorful tins with your choice of chocolates, nuts, candy or mints!

Dipped Oreo Cookies Gift Box


No one can resist a box of Oreos. Much less 4 Oreo cookies dipped in rich Belgian Chocolate. Trust me, we tried and failed.

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How To Make Your Office Environmentally Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, care of the environment isn’t the sole responsibility of the government or organizations like the WWF; it is a job for all of us. The good news is, you don’t have to turn into a hermit to contribute. Even small things like reusing paper, supporting recycled products or resisting the urge to throw trash on the streets can make a sizeable impact if we all do it together.

969cdbc45547a75d8d6ee3379933cc3fEarn Mother Earth’s seal of approval by following these simple, no-nonsense ways to turn your office into an environmentally friendly workplace:

  1. Encourage your office to switch to paper products and other office items made from post-consumer recycled content that look, feel and function like regular paper. acc-recycled-paper-clipsecobinder
  2. Print only what you need. In this digital age, most information can be shared using technology such as smart phones, tablets or good old office email. Refrain from printing hundreds of copies of office memorandums just to let everybody know where the Christmas Party would be held; just send a group email and that’s it!
  3. Use both sides of paper. Before you throw away a piece of paper, see if it can be reused as scratch or to print items that aren’t going to be used officially such as memos or documents that still needs to be edited.
  4. Start a carpool group. If some of your co-workers live near one another, talk to them about starting a carpool instead of taking their individual cars to work every day. Save on gas, use the carpool lane and gain new friends!
  5. Use environmentally friendly giveaways. Custom On It has a wide range of highly customizable giveaways that are made with Mother Nature’s interest in mind. Here are a couple of ideas:

 Recycled Custom Shopping Totes


Choose from 13 different colors! These bags are made of 100% recycled materials and are sure to catch your customer’s eye with your customized design.

Paper Cups – Cold Beverages – 12oz


Serve your patrons some of your best cold beverages in your own personalized cups

Custom Snap Top Tin Candles w/ All Natural Soy Wax


Not only does Soy wax candles release less toxins in the air, they also burn for longer than ordinary candles! Select your favorite scent and attach your logo on the stylish tin cans and you’re good to go!

Helping out the environment is a team effort. Start making small changes in your own home, community and office today!

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Top 10 Custom Giveaways For Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day! What have you got planned for that special woman in your life?

We’re big believers on showing our appreciation for our beloved moms each and every single day. So instead of focusing all your Mother’s Day related activities on May 11th, why not make it a week or monthlong celebration? Give away any of these 10 customized gifts to moms who drop by your store:

1. Canvas Bag – A pretty canvas bag to host a mother’s large arsenal of things that she and her family needs on a daily basis from diapers to her husband’s medication to her favorite novel.


2. Pedometer – Moms often don’t have time to work out in between juggling her job, her family and her friends. But there is one exercise she is unconsciously doing a lot of everyday – walking! Strapping on a pedometer will help her monitor if she is clocking in the required 10,000 steps a day.


3. Sweets – Since it’s the universal symbol for love, Chocolates are a staple for any occasion!


4. Gift Boxes – Did you know you can get customized chocolate bars, cookies or caramel popcorn and put it in an elegant box?  This is a little pricey to give away to all your customers, but it’s an ideal gift for your employees, investors or suppliers.


Although you may have to ask your guests to choose between these sugary treats or a healthy snack like this option:

5. Mixed Nuts – Since some moms may be watching their blood sugar levels, a pack of mixed nuts makes a healthy midday snack.


6. Wall Calendar – Help her keep track of the family’s numerous activities with a spacious customized wall calendar! You can also give colored pens so she can color code entries as well.


7. Coffee Mugs – Is she a coffee drinker or tea lover? Moms enjoy a nice quiet cup of hot beverage while enjoying the rare quiet times she has in a day. Be creative and have inspirational or witty massages imprinted on them!


8.No Slip Hair Bands – She can use these sturdy, no slip hair bands while cleaning, working out or enjoying a really serious game of monopoly on game night.


9. Flip flops – Moms can use these adorable bamboo flip flops for the beach, post-gym or running errands during the spring/summer season. They’re lightweight and easy to tote around in a bag just in case you want to give up on your 4 inch heels.


10. Infusion Tumblers – It’s very important to stay hydrated all day! Make sure your customers get all the water they need in this stylish infusion tumblers. Why settle for ordinary H20 when you can incorporate your favorite fruit or tea flavor?


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