A Woman’s Humorous Take On Losing Her Hair To Cancer

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We laugh to keep from crying

This is how Fronda Alley explained why she made a hilarious song that talks about one of the most feared side effects of cancer therapy – hair loss.


Fronda’s case was a curious one from the beginning. She found a lump on her breasts the day after she got her clear mammogram results in the mail. She prayed for it to be anything else but cancer, but alas, it was. She lost her silvery locks the first few weeks after she started her chemotherapy sessions and hosted a going away party for the strands she had left. Surrounded by her family and friends, Fronda got her hands on a clipper and started shearing off her hair.  That very evening, her husband and eldest son came home to sport identical shaved heads. Overwhelmed by the support, Fronda vowed to do everything she can to survive the disease.


Since hair is a symbol of health and identity, losing it can stir all kinds of emotions for cancer patients.  It can be source of anxiety, frustration and great sadness for survivors and their loved ones. Fronda however, choose to see her hair loss from another perspective. She used her own experience and song writing talents to find humor in an otherwise depressing situation.

With the help of Grammy winning singer/songwriter Don Henry, Fronda released her single “I’ve Got No Hair” to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy this fall. She hopes that the song could help her fellow survivors especially those who were just starting to lose their hair to treatment.

Watch: I’ve Got No Hair

“You are not alone, you are not alone,” Alley said. “If the song says anything, I think it says that.”

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