5 New Giveaway Ideas You Wish You’d Thought Of Before

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The thing about providing giveaways on a regular basis is that you run out of ideas every once in a while. Suddenly, giving away pens, notebooks and shirts aren’t cutting it for you anymore and customers are actually saying “Pens again?” when they reach your booth. We say it’s about time you gave them something they’d never forget on your next trade show! Here are some fresh ideas you might want to consider:

Gadget Care Items


When every booth is giving away pens, it is hard to make an impression. Since everyone who will visit your booth will likely own a gadget, why don’t you give away gadget care items or accessories instead? It can be headphones, portable chargers or cleaning cloths.

Binders or Envelopes


I’ve observed people in conferences holding leaflets and brochures with nowhere to put them in. You can help solve this problem by giving away plastic envelopes or binders with pockets where they can put their loot. This one from Custom On It already has a 30 page notepad in place as well.



Navigating through a large conference hall can be exhausting. Offer customers something healthy to snack on like these almonds or something sweet like a tin of candies!

Digital Downloads


I once attended a conference where the organizers gave away a URL at the end f the program. It was a link to an e-book that contains everything that was discussed in the conference as well as their products and special offers. Great idea!



If the budget is a tight, you can kill two birds with one stone by using a bookmark! A bookmark is a useful giveaway where you can go absolutely crazy with the design. In addition, you can write your business information and maybe even include a list of your products and services.

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